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Web Lab is made of up 5 Chrome Experiment installations that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life and aims to inspire the world about the possibilities of the web.

The installations make up a year-long public exhibition at the Science Museum, London and can be interacted with by anyone, anywhere at chromeweblab.com.

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í Review of final documentation expected on the website

On Monday, we’ll be joined by Sarah Verity (BFA ’12), Anther Kiley (MFA ’13)
and Colin Frazer (MFA ’13). Anther will be with us for the first half and Colin
for the second half. I can’t think of any specific order other than keeping
folks with similar/same objects near each other.

If anyone has any questions about what you’re presenting on Monday, let me

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Greetings all,

Some really nice work today. Truly.

I’m writing to point your attention to our class website. I’ve just added a
post for what’s expected of next week. I’ve also reworded the project timeline
(leaving original wording).


Please let me know if you have any questions about what you’re supposed to be


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í Assignment 4: Part 3

Y May 6th sign-up sheet

– Claire
– Emily
– Sarah
– Won

– Jay
– Erin
– Phil
– Max

– Jia
– Christina
– (Jay)
– Hannah

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Your machine projects may be a good fit for this award. There is a student category…


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í Assignment 4: Process Book

í Assignment 4: Part 2

Clement will be lecturing today at 1:10p in the Auditorium. He’ll be showing
examples critical to shaping your final projects.

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í Assignment 4: Part 1
Mon, Apr 15

Due April 22