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When I first start this project, I was afraid if I misinterpret his identity as a designer and visual artist, which made me procrastinate to decide how to ‘frame’ him within 6 minute. It was the first time to present someone’s point of view about the graphic design, other than mine. Every projects that I’ve done during the sophomore and junior year were to present my thought about assigned objects.

At first, I just wanted to show his daily life as a design student. My thought was though people have 24 hours a day, everyone use them in a different way, which makes individuals’ identity different. When someone use their majority of day focusing on designing website, he or she can be seen as a web-designer although one doesn’t intent to be shown in the way. So I felt that how he use his time of the day will naturally lead my video to properly present him, rather than framing him as someone with some particular identity. My first approach might be successful if I have a plenty amount of time. However, because this project should be done within 3 weeks, there is no way to make connection between him with one theme.

Second direction that I choose was his interests in posters hung on the wall of RISD campus. It was interesting to me that the poster that used to hang on the public place is collected in his personal space, presenting an event and time that the student spend and also curious why he collect the posters made to show some information for public. Before listening the Phil’s thought, many posters in RISD were made just for some days’ instant events and lose its utility and meaning after the events are done, and I didn’t prefer to stand in front of the myriads of posters attached on the wall. As a viewer of all the posters, it was visual noise to me. Although individual posters might be made with the designer’s intention and visual strategy, when all the posters are gathered at wall in 15west or Design center, it was a cacophony, degrading each poster’s quality rather than harmonize. But after I listened to his thought, it changed my view about this particular medium of design, help me to rethink about the meaning of the ephemeral posters in daily lives and give contrast to the fine art pieces. It also helped me to understand him more. The theme, ‘poster’ presents his overall aspect of characteristic such as his interest of interaction with audience, his wittiness and desire to make narrative through posters. However, I might be look passive when I record his action of ‘stealing’ poster. However, as it is for showing a person oneself, rather than making fiction based on one’s identity, what I think I can do for my best was to make him behave naturally. I think the project gives me a freedom to present my interpretation about the project itself other than my point of view about a person.