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5 Unit 1: Design Ethnography

í Post your video with statement, comments
Mon, Mar 11

Due March 18

Post your final video to vimeo or YouTube and embed the video into a post on this website. Categorize the video as Ethnographic Film. Write a “page-long” statement for your video and paste the statement in the same post as your video. The statement should make clear your ethnographical method and how it came to be realized in the work.

Also, submit a comment of equal length on the video that your classmate produced about you. Your comment may reflect upon the nature of the collaboration, its statement of you, or comment on the piece and its construction as well.

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Y Student pairings for video

Phil and Max and Yea Won
Hannah and Karsten
Jia and Jay
Jay and Sae Ra
Emily and Claire
Erin and Christina

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Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry


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í Use Vine to create a 6-second story
Mon, Feb 18

Due week 2

As a conversation starter for next week, introduce us to your classmate with a 6 second video using Vine. This short, low-fi, video is meant to get you over the hump of shooting and to start thinking about ways to represent the ideas of your classmate.

Make a post, upload your video “Add Media”, and embed it into the post using the coding below. Categorize your post as Assignment 1

Embed your video

<video width=”480″ height=”480″ controls loop >
<source src=”http://rd13.johncaserta.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_5021.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>

Learn more about Vine at  … download the app there as well.
Example above thanks to Sarah Verity

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í Create a 3-5 minute video of your classmate
Mon, Feb 18

Due March 11

Ethnography: a method or approach in th design process to understand people and problems associated with work.

Create a documentary video about each team member’s views and experience of graphic design — reflecting core values of his/her past work, career goals and motivations.

You will work in teams of two, each team member producing a QuickTime movie about the other person.

Some relationships to consider as a starting point:

  1. Personal: your story, past, present, future, habits, interests, influences, hobbies, collections
  2. Cultural: geography, history, values, ethos, phenomenon, events
  3. Design: Design to audience/sustainability, Design to art/culture, Design to business/consumer

You may use any or all of the following: still images, video from any type of camera including HD, Flip Video, or iPhone; type, drawing, voice over, and sound. Expand on the insights you gained from Making Meaning such as framing, point of view, and narrative—both linear and non-linear.


Work in class in teams. Get to know your classmate through a series of informal conversations, at his/her desk or home studio. Use class time to develop a line of questions or notes that will work on camera. Take sketch photos or clips with your iPhone. Create the assignment for next week.

Next Week:

Bring in actual footage to present to your classmate. Talk about what you have, and what you still need to acquire.

Week 3

Producing a working version. Some holes may still exist, but we should get your story.

Week 4: March 11

Present final movie in class section

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