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å Thursday, February 28th, 2013

B Clay Shirky: Group as User

On designing for the user as a group rather than as an individual. It’s a little out dated because he talks about mailing-lists which are sort of a 90’s thing, but the ideas are still there. How do you adjust the design of software to account or mitigate un-wanted anti-social behavior?

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On Monday, we’ll meet at the Metcalf Auditorium in the first floor of the Chace
Center. I’ll be introducing our next assignment. You won’t have any
deliverables for the first week, but you can start thinking about it as you do
your final push on the Ethnographic video.

For Monday’s class, I expect to see working videos from everyone. You may have
elements that aren’t 100% refined or are placeholders (image/video or text),
but it should hold together as a piece. I found virtually all of you behind and
underprepared this past Monday… so push to get these pieces in good shape by

I’m adding links to the website as I find them. Feel free to do the same.


John Caserta
Asst. Professor, Graphic Design Dept.

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