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å Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

I want to share with you the information about this special lecture!
Please pass this on and share with other colleagues, departments, students and RISD campus groups.
Especially relevant for those interested in aspects of public memory, urban studies, conceptual art.

on Thursday March 14 at 5 pm in the RISD Auditorium

The conceptual artist duo from Berlin
Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock


(currently Freund Fellows at Washington University in St Louis)


Free and open to the public

please encourage students to attend
(it’s an awkward time slot but the only way to fit it in)
please pass on to your faculty.

Stih + Schnock are multi-media Berlin based conceptual artists, exploring how memory functions in the social sphere and how it is reflected symbolically in urban spaces. In their work they question the ambiguity and ambivalence of social sculpture and introduce how the intrusion of art in public space affects everyday life through their projects, which will be the discourse of their lecture at RISD.

See attached word doc for more information
or go to their their website

(sponsored by the department of graphic design)
A collection of some of their works:
-Show your Collection http://www.stih-schnock.de/Show_Your_Collection.html
-Krimiseries: Evidence, Narrative and the Forensic Imagination http://www.stih-schnock.de/traces.html
-Greetings from Walter Benjamin http://www.stih-schnock.de/benjamin_.htm
-Places of Remembrance, 1992-1993, Berlin, Bavarian Quarter http://www.stih-schnock.de/remembrance.html
-Bus Stop, 1995 entry for Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe http://wso.williams.edu/~mdeean/berlin/busstop.html
-Who Needs Art? We Need Potatoes http://www.stih-schnock.de/potatoes.html
-The Art of Colleting: Flick in Berlin http://www.stih-schnock.de/flick_adk_e%2Bd_pic.html
-The City as Text: Jewish Munich;

Lucinda Hitchcock, professor
department of graphic design

RISD: Design Center, South Main Street, 7th fl, lhitchco@risd.edu
STUDIO: The Design Office 204 Westminster St. 3rd fl 401 954 0100

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