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å Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

On Monday, we’ll be joined by Sarah Verity (BFA ’12), Anther Kiley (MFA ’13)
and Colin Frazer (MFA ’13). Anther will be with us for the first half and Colin
for the second half. I can’t think of any specific order other than keeping
folks with similar/same objects near each other.

If anyone has any questions about what you’re presenting on Monday, let me

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I watched this VICE documentary the other day about a guy who wants to 3D print guns. After the Sandy Hook shooting, MakerBot immediately took down plans for gun parts that were hosted on Thingiverse, which is a kind of repository for plans for 3D-printed things. Check out what the guy has to say about how 3D printing impacts the gun control debate.

Yesterday, the first ever fully 3D printed gun and its plans were released online.

Here’s a WIRED article about it.

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