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å Monday, May 13th, 2013

í Review of final documentation expected on the website

Below is a summary of the projects that should be documented and placed on this website. If you are placing images on the site, please place them as a [ gallery ] and not as single images. If you are trying to upload pdfs and they are too large for the site, place the pdf on Dropbox or elsewhere on the web and link to that URL form our website. Note the title of the assignment below is the same as the WordPress category that your post should be assigned to.

Click on your avatar to view your author page. Make sure all your work is posted and is clear.

Due day of junior review

Vine video

Minimum of 1 video posted

Ethnographic film

Embed into a post your final video using Vimeo, YouTube or other another embeddedable file format. If there is a password, it should be risdrd13 or listed in the post. Please include an a “page-long” statement for your video and paste the statement in the same post as your video. The statement should make clear your ethnographical method and how it came to be realized in the work.

Human to Machine

Post any research and/or presentation if it helps understand your final project or you consider it a cohesive a work unto itself. I encourage everyone to do this.
Post either photographic documentation, a pdf, a demo video (or some combination of these) of your final project to a post. If it’s a pdf, consider placing an image in the post that shows your machine.

Site Assignment

Post your map and your final project within one post. Your project may be posted as photographic documentation, pdf presentation, demo video or some combination of these. If it’s a pdf, consider placing an image in the post that shows your project. Please include a paragraph of context so that your uploads have the necessary context.

Dynamic Museum

Post your research, presentation of proposed ideas and final documentation into one post. Make sure the title of the post is the name of the object(s) that you were working with. Place a summary paragraph of your project with your documentation.

Process Book

Post a pdf (lo-res/medium res is fine) photographs of your physical process book

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