Elevator intervention – Part 1

This project began with an investigation and mapping into the Design Center’s elevator. I was very interested in the elevator as a choice for my intervention, because its ability to move meant that it was regarded both an object as well as a space. I loved the idea that the elevator was a physical space that people had to call, and that they were then able to enter it and be transported to a completely different space.

Began my process with researching the area of the elevator lobby and the elevator itself.


Here are some images from the mapping I created of the space. I made observations about specific input and output interactions with the elevator, and visualized it. It was very interesting to me that an elevator always arrived with a sense of surprise — it was impossible know what was behind the door. That meant that even if we can properly predict our physical interactions inside the elevator (such as pressing a button, or standing), it is impossible to predict our actual behaviour within the elevator, because there’s no knowing what kind of circumstances we wil be placed in.




With that, I delved deeper into the elevator decision-making process, and thought about how I could subvert that expectation and create a unique spectacle.



liftsketch-2 liftsketch-3





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