Elevator intervention- Part 2

I decided to create a ball pit and placed it in the elevator. The objective of this was to intervene with our expectations of an elevator as a transitory space rather than as a contained space for human interaction. Most importantly, it tries to inject a sense of fun into the design center by encouraging visitors to rediscover their inner child, or simply relax. The strength of the project lay within its ability to be completely intuitive — the ball pit was not only inviting and fun, but required absolutely no instructions from its user. Instead of designing a specific interaction with an end goal, the ball pit invites visitors to create their own interactions.

The schematics of the ballpit, which required some math!



Building the ballpit:

2013-04-13 21.21.56


The pit was constructed by using cardboard and a generous amount of wood glue. It fits one person perfectly, much like a bed or a coffin.


500 colorful balls!




Then painted over with a bright friendly red!




One way the project can be further developed could be a change in size or scale. If the ball pit was the size of the elevator, leaving the user no choice but to enter into the pit, would that intervention be more succcessful? Another change I could have made was to consider the redecoration of the entire elevator space, integrating the ball pit as part of a joyous space rather than as a stand alone pit.

In any case, the ball pit currently lives out its life in the 6th floor studio, and has very much become part of the studio architecture.

2013-04-19 19.14.24



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