Rethinking the Panasonic – Presentations!

My redesign of the exhibit was basically summed up into two different changes:

1. Creating the appropriate environment

Basically achieved by isolating and enhancing the impact of the artwork through structural changes. The following images illustrate an imagined space where this occurs.

Perfect cube mimics the perfect square present in both wall and artwork, and transparent doors provide sneak peek of exhibition from the outside.



Top view of complete space, illustrating one half for the artwork and the other half for an interaction visitor space.


2. Creating new interaction that enhances current experience

Through the act of exploration and increased aural sensitivity, visitors can create a better understanding of how electronic interference has permeated our living spaces.

The visitor space is a location where visitors can pick up a set of earphones and a handheld microphone. They can then move on to explore the rest of the museum, listening and documenting the ambient noises around them.


Electronic hotspots to be labelled through the museum with red stickers, encouraging visitors to approach and listen to an amplified version of electronic interference through the microphone. Artworks that produce electronic interference, as well as museum architecture, can all be part of the experience.

This label is used to signify the presence of electronic interference, which the visitor can than choose to investigate and amplify through the microphones and earphones.


My second and third presentations were both made via Prezi. The third presentation builds on the structure of the second presentation. The links below allow you to access the folders containing the presentations and the Prezi project. Download all the content and double click on the prezi icon to view the presentation.

Presentation 2

Presentation 3


I feel that one thing I could have worked on for this assignment was to focus on either option 1 or option 2. As both ideas are very different, with one focused on structural changes and the other on creating new interactive experiences, they may not work well together and choosing one or the other would have allowed me to develop my ideas with greater depth. Another alternative would be to pick two ideas that were truly symbiotic. In any case, it’s definitely important that a redesign respects what the artwork already successfully does.

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