Assignment 2

final from Erin Cho on Vimeo.

password: erincho

For me, getting to know about Christina and her background was most important and prior to anything else to start this project. I went over to Christina’s room and simply began talking with her about random stuff, which was actually very helpful. Just by seeing her displays of little toys and patterns on the wall, I was able to catch a general idea of what my video will look like, and from our random conversation, I learned a lot about her background, family, and her story of coming to RISD. She told me a lot about her illustration works from high school, which helped me to understand her approaches to the projects that she had done so far. So then I went on to ask about her interest as a designer and more about her works. I kept the voice recording on during the talk so that I wouldn’t miss anything important said in her natural tone. As Christina went on talking, I was able to understand her state as a student in the process of learning and absorbing new things. Then I decided to focus more on introducing Christina purely as she is by showing what she chose to show me to introduce herself to me. From then, with several recordings of her talking about general thoughts about design, I asked her to explain more in depth about some of the things, such as her book projects and her interest in patterns. When I began editing and putting videos and audios together, I had things all over the place without any specific order. It became harder the more I worked on it because I couldn’t look at my work with third person point of view. After the first crit, I had to go back and rearrange the order of some parts, which made whole lot more sense in the overall flow. When I was done editing the things that I had, I noticed that the video was missing something that links every other parts together as a whole, so I did one last interview with Christina with a white background. This interview was very useful and probably it was the most important part of the whole video where she gave her concluding statement. Also I could effectively use the video shots from this interview, in which she was looking and talking right at the camera, since the video and audio were separate from each other in all the other parts of the film.

When I first was assigned this project, I felt uneasy with this kind of collaboration project which requires a high interaction with one person. However I was very lucky to have been paired with Christina who was really understanding and thanks to her, I could feel comfortable talking about myself in front of the camera and the audio recording. Through several interviews, it was a great chance for me to go over what I have done so far and take time to think about what I am aiming for in the future as a graphic designer. Especially looking at how Christina combined and showed my works, I could see that I also had my own stylistic approach to art and design, which I wasn’t very aware of before. The project, overall, was not a very easy one, having to work with equipment and programs that I’m not very used to. However it was a great opportunity to get to know about my classmate, at least try out the new technical materials, and especially to experience what it is like to be a subject of one whole video.


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  1. Christina Rees says:

    The questions Erin asked me forced me to evaluate my work and my motivations and reflect on them in a way that I had never done before. I think that putting my thoughts into words made these ideas much clearer to me. Overall, this was a good collaboration. I feel that we worked well with each other and both helped each other out in order to make successful videos. Erin was always open to discuss with me any ideas I had for the video. I like how Erin really payed attention to the visual aspect of this project. For example, when we met in the design center for my final interview she saw the projector screen and was inspired to film me in front of it. I think that choice was really successful in how it removed me from a sense of space and removed any distracting background elements. I also liked how Erin captured a bit of my personality by showing my weird facial expressions at the beginning and end of the video. My main critique of the video would be the use of really close shots that felt a bit disorienting at times. A few shots with a broader perspective would give context to the closer shots would make the overall video more clear.

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