Erin Ethnography

Erin and I started this assignment with a general discussion about our lives, mainly focusing on our paths to RISD and how we became interested in art. After that, I asked Erin what she was comfortable talking about and then wrote some specific questions about her work and childhood based on our initial conversation. When we met again I recorded our conversations and took some footage of her in her room. Erin was helpful and showed me pictures from an album of childhood pictures as well as images of her current and past work. After this meeting I made a first draft of my video, but I realized that a lot of the material was too general and I had a hard time organizing it all into a video with a specific focus. My first draft of the video covered many different topics including Erin’s childhood, living in Maryland, her high school and university in Korea, and some of her thoughts on design. In order to give the video a more focused direction, I took out most of the information about her background and took more videos about Erin’s thoughts on design. In order to think of questions for additional footage, I looked through Erin’s work and tried to find common themes. These included her use of bold shapes and her affinity towards packaging. Then in the video editing process I tried to visually connect elements of her work by placing them in certain sequences and juxtaposing different formal elements. For example, I found several of Erin’s pieces contained large circles, so I collected these and put them together in sequence, transitioning between them by shrinking and enlarging the common circular forms. I also included some of Erin’s earlier paintings and connected these to her current design pieces. When I was editing the video, I wanted it to have a bold style that was reminiscent of Erin’s work. This is why I made the title cards large, bold and capitalized. I also used split screens and layering effects that emphasized the graphic elements of the video.


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