Through this video project, I got to learn a lot more about jay, which was exciting. I had known jay prior to doing this project, but we had never gotten to know eachother on a more personal level. Jay and I met a couple of times, and just spent a couple of hours together, casually gathering footage and audio. Through this project, I learned a lot about how Jay’s life and background has made her who she is, and how that affects her as an artist and designer.
Through this video, I wanted to portray how Jay’s background has shaped her as a whole, and how that would show through her artwork. Jay can be very reserved and quiet, but at the same time, she can speak her mind when she wants to.
From what ive observed, Jay loves to spend time reading, or watching documentaries that help her gather ideas and inspire her.
Jay has her own unique style, which definitely mirrors her personality. It was interesting to see how she comes about her ideas, and how those ideas translate onto a final product. I did notice that in some ways, Jay and I have opposite personalities, but we worked very well together and she helped me get a clear sense of what she wanted herself to be portrayed as. One thing I wish I had done was maybe capture more of the more outgoing side of jay.
Im glad I got paired with Jay because she wasn’t a total stranger to me, and even though our personalities can be very different, I could relate to her in so many ways. Having moved around a lot myself, It was easy for me to understand her and the way she views relationships and how that had shaped her as a person.


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