Assignment 4: Part 1



Choose one or more objects from the RISD Museum’s 20th Century collection. Thoroughly research the object(s) considering the following questions:

• Who made the object? When was it made? Where was it made? Why was it made? How was it made?
• What is the historical and cultural significance of the object? Why does the RISD museum have it?
• What are the formal characteristics of the object?
• What is the function of the object?

Mapping, Diagramming

Once you have done thorough research on the object(s), create a mapping or diagram of the object(s) as they are currently displayed in the museum that addresses the following questions:

• Where are the objects in the museum? Why? What is the context for them?
• How has the RISD Museum presented it to its viewers? Is it always on view? Is it behind glass?
• What information is available to the viewer, on-site, and on their website?
• How does a viewer currently interact with the object(s)? Can the viewer see, touch, smell, taste the object(s)?
• What can the viewer learn from the interaction? What can’t the viewer learn from this interaction?
• What information is missing or hidden about the object?
• What is the audience for the objects? Are they on-site or remote? Are they on-site frequently? Do they visit exhibitions more than once?
• What is the audience you will focus on for your design in the next parts of the assignment? Your mapping and presentation should observe this audience in detail.


You will design a presentation that includes your research and your mapping / diagramming. This presentation will serve as the basis for the second part of the assignment, in which you will redesign the display of your object(s).


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