Assignment 4: Part 2

Sketches of Exhibition Ideas

Based on your research and mapping, identify opportunities to create a more dynamic exhibition for your selected object(s). Pay close attention to the environment and the display. Based on the class lecture, what are some of the elements you could rethink? How could you change the context? How could you encourage participation?
Try to identify multiple design opportunities (at least 2) to present to the class.


Your sketch ideas will be presented in a formal digital presentation (pdf or keynote), with a minimum of 10 slides. The following elements must be included in the presentation:

• At least 1 slide to introduce the object you selected in the collection
• At least 1 slide to present your research
• At least 1 slide to present existing context
• At least 1 slide that identifies your specific audience
• At least 4 slides to present your project ideas

Your slides should contain audio and visual (videos, diagrams, maps, typography) that best represent your research and ideas. Don’t forget titles, and any text necessary to convey your thoughts. Any hand drawings you choose to include must be detailed.

For week 3

Update your presentation to focus on one direction and show progress on your project for next week. “Messy”/in-progress work is expected at this stage.


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