Assignment 4: Process Book

You will need to create a process book for either the last assignment or for the whole semester.

The process book is meant to be an easily digestible way for critics, potential employers and classmates to understand how you arrived at your end forms. You may design the book as loosely or as orderly as you see fit. Although the form of the book is always important, we will not focus on the form on the last day of class. The objective and emphasis of the critique will be on how you make what you have done outside the class visible and understandable.

You may use Hans’ section assignment as a guideline:

• Summarize the assignment; what was the challenge?
• Briefly explain your process.
• Discuss your work based on the challenges:
• How successful was it?
• Which insights did you gain?
• What worked and what did not?
• Where and how can you improve it?
• Which tools and techniques were useful?
• What else would you have liked to explore?
• If you worked in groups, how well did the group work together. Describe and discuss your contributions to the group. How could the group interaction be improved.
• Finish with a summary of what you learned.

Due in digital form on the last day of class: May 13 and documented in physical form by May 21 and posted in pdf form on the website.


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