Create a 3-5 minute video of your classmate

Ethnography: a method or approach in th design process to understand people and problems associated with work.

Create a documentary video about each team member’s views and experience of graphic design — reflecting core values of his/her past work, career goals and motivations.

You will work in teams of two, each team member producing a QuickTime movie about the other person.

Some relationships to consider as a starting point:

  1. Personal: your story, past, present, future, habits, interests, influences, hobbies, collections
  2. Cultural: geography, history, values, ethos, phenomenon, events
  3. Design: Design to audience/sustainability, Design to art/culture, Design to business/consumer

You may use any or all of the following: still images, video from any type of camera including HD, Flip Video, or iPhone; type, drawing, voice over, and sound. Expand on the insights you gained from Making Meaning such as framing, point of view, and narrative—both linear and non-linear.


Work in class in teams. Get to know your classmate through a series of informal conversations, at his/her desk or home studio. Use class time to develop a line of questions or notes that will work on camera. Take sketch photos or clips with your iPhone. Create the assignment for next week.

Next Week:

Bring in actual footage to present to your classmate. Talk about what you have, and what you still need to acquire.

Week 3

Producing a working version. Some holes may still exist, but we should get your story.

Week 4: March 11

Present final movie in class section


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