Site Intervention Presentation

For the Site Intervention project, I began by making two maps. The first was of the first to second floor stairs of the design center, and the second was of my desk, and the mental connections I had made between all of the items. Both of these maps lacked hard data from the actual site; the stair map relied too much on outside research and incidental observation, and the map of my desk did not lend itself to an intervention that would be applicable to others.

Desk Map 

A Map of the Stairs

For the next week, I refined the stair map by sitting in front of the elevators for a few days and recording who rode the elevators and how. I observed that many people would take the elevator up to the second floor, and then take the stairs down. I calculated the ratio of stair-to-elevator takers, and used that hard data (in addition to a bit of relevant research and anecdotes) in my new map. I then put together the below slideshow with interventions based on my findings. Through this project I learned the importance of spending real time with the problem you are going to solve. Speculation, anecdotes, and outside research don’t always complete the picture, and visiting the site was key to further developing ideas. Below please find my modified site map and presentation of proposed interventions. They would not upload as a gallery, so I have included them as PDFS. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Stair Map 2

Intervention Slideshow


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