Assignment 4: Part 3

Present your completed proposal to the class on the last day: May 13. Your proposal should be addressed to stakeholders at the Museum: curators, directors, exhibit designers and the installation crew. How does your intervention activate and engage existing or new audiences of the Museum? How does your intervention better the passive role of wall text and the solo consumption of inert objects? What is the role of technology and group dynamics in how art is consumed in the 21st Century?

Your final presentation may incorporate the following:

• Basic information and history about the object(s) you were working with
• The core audience you were addressing
• Physical model of a reimagined space
• Digital re-enactment of how your core audience would experience the space
• Graphic matter that might be placed in the space

Your goal is to convince the “stakeholders” that what you aim to do in the space will help visitors better understand and experience the original artwork itself. Experiment, play, innovate. Turn this assignment into a work that you are interested in making.


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